The Conquer Your Battlefield Podcast is now on Apple Podcasts

A few days after the Conquer Your Battlefield Podcast was accepted to Spotify, so it has been accepted to Apple Podcasts! With each new avenue our collective voices reach, the more we are able to reach out and help one another.

At the beginning I thought that this would end up being a few conversations with friends, and tha would be that. I’m very happily surprised that this podcast has been having he effect it has been, and I’m beyond thrilled that he feedback has been as positive and encouraging as it has been.

Again, I would genuinely like to thank each and every one of the guests that have come on the show so far. Everyone’s willingness to share what what they’ve been through in their personal struggles is truly inspiring. It can be difficult to admit to one’s self that there is a problem, let alone talk about it in a public setting.

My goal with starting this podcast was to encourage others to share what they’ve been through with the one’s closest to them. No matter what it is we are going through, and no matter how we may feel in the moment, we are never truly alone. Our friends, family, and loved ones will always want the best for us, and there are so many people in this world that have an understanding and sympathy for what we are going through. On top of all that, there are always mental health professionals available, and it is 100% okay and healthy to seek the help of one (or several) from time to time!

For everyone that has been following along on YouTube the past few months, thank you for being part of this community and supporting universal love and support. If you’re just joining: Welcome! I am glad to have you along for the journey, and very much look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

And remember: No matter what it is that you are facing today, what you may face tomorrow, or even a year from now… you ALWAYS have the strength to Conquer Your Battlefield!

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