Wow! is pretty much all I feel I can say right now. After eight months of readjusting my business goals, and focusing solely on making the world a brighter place by combating the stigma around mental illness through music, there’s been a tiny victory. The Angels on the Battlefield Instagram and Facebook pages have officially been verified!

I know, at the end of the day, it’s just a tiny little blue check mark next to the name on each account, but for me, those little blue check marks represent recognition of effort. It’s not easy building a business from the ground up; hell it’s even terrifying at times! The amount of times one hears “No,” or is declined something because the brand hasn’t been built up yet, or proven its value sometimes feels discouraging.

Having those two little check marks represents recognition for all that hard work. Not only that I’ve out in, put the guys involved with Angels on the Battlefield as well. And all the hard work, love, and support that you reading this right now have out in by being part of the journey with us. Those little blue check marks are as much your victory as they are ours! This world has some hurdles in it, but together we are getting over and past them, hand in hand.

Whatever the future holds, I know in my heart that we can face it together in order to conquer our battlefields.

JD McGibney

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