Conquer Your Battlefield Podcast – Interview with Daniele Gottardo | Conquering Expat Depression

Welcome to the “Conquer Your Battlefield” podcast, where we come together to discuss some of the more significant struggles, and metaphorical battlefields, that we’ve faced along our journeys, and share some insight on how we’ve conquered them.

I’m JD McGibney, and today I’ll be talking with an international guitar master. A modern virtuoso who has perfected the eight-finger tapping technique, has taught at numerous prestigious music schools across Italy, taught across multiple platforms and given various lectures on theory and technique, performed all over the world with pop artists, chamber orchestras, various bands, and as a solo artist. Today I am chatting with the endlessly talented, humble, and wonderful Daniele Gottardo!

Today we are going to be talking about Expatriate Depression, or “Expat” Depression. Expat Depression is a type of depression specifically found in those who move to a new country. It is associated with higher feelings of anxiety, stress, sadness, and a unique sense of isolation being removed from one’s culture.

Pre the COVID-19 pandemic, expat depression among immigrants was a difficult enough issue with the regulations put in place by national governments, as well as the initial culture shock of LIVING in a different country. With the added element of the global lockdowns, and restricted international travel, the senses of sadness, anxiety, stress, and isolation among expatriates has increased.

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