Conquer Your Battlefield Podcast – Interview with Elissa Piszel | Battling Bulimia

Welcome to the “Conquer Your Battlefield” podcast, where we come together to discuss some of the more significant struggles, and metaphorical battlefields, that we’ve faced along our journeys, and share some insight on how we’ve conquered them.

I’m JD McGibney, and today I’ll be talking with one of the most diverse entertainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of being introduced to. Someone that started off their career on the ballet stage at the age of three, moved to theater by the time she was in high school, started acting in film by the time she was in college, started her own theater company, has been on Broadway, and has even produced several independent films. Today I’ll be talking with the ever so wonderful and elegant, Elissa Piszel.

We are going to be talking about Bulimia Nervosa, or more commonly referred to as just Bulimia. Bulimia is an emotional disorder involving distortion of body image and an obsessive desire to lose weight, in which bouts of extreme overeating are followed by depression and self-induced vomiting, purging, or fasting.

According to the organization “Mirror” bulimia affects 1.5% of women and 0.5 percent of men in the United States. That translates to about 4.7 million women, and 1.5 million men. The age people start developing bulimia seems to be getting younger and younger, and the average age of onset is in the late teens.

Those who do develop bulimia often end up having self-harm tendencies, develop depression, and often have a plethora of health problems from chemical imbalances, swelling of glands, and even heart issues.

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