Conquer Your Battlefield Podcast – Interview with Diego Valadez | Music as a Coping Mechanism

Welcome to the “Conquer Your Battlefield” podcast, where we come together to discuss some of the more significant struggles, and metaphorical battlefields, that we’ve faced along our journeys, and share some insight on how we’ve conquered them.

I’m JD McGibney, and today I’ll be chatting with one of the most humble human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. A man that manages to combine the pure essence of heavy metal with the fine elegance of gothic romanticism. A phenomenal singer, songwriter, pianist, and the mastermind behind the symphonic metal band Anthea: Mr Diego Valadez.

Today we’re going to be talking about Music as a Coping Mechanism. According to the American Psychological Association, coping mechanisms are any conscious or nonconscious adjustment or adaptation that decreases tension and anxiety in a stressful experience or situation.

According to the National Library of Medicine, there are four MAIN categories of coping mechanisms:
Problem-focused, which directly addresses the problem causing the distress.
Emotion-focused, which aims to reduce the negative emotions associated with the problem.
Meaning-focused, in which an individual uses cognitive strategies to derive and manage the meaning of the situation.
Social coping (support-seeking) in which an individual reduces stress by seeking emotional or instrumental support from their community.

In today’s environment, in particular Western Culture, it is quite common to hear that people tend to use music in relation to one of these categories of coping mechanisms in order to work through their particular obstacle, or obstacles.

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