This Is My Brave – The Show In Los Angeles | TICKETS ON SALE NOW

With the arrival of August, and a brand new month full of opportunities, the This Is My Brave – The Show in Los Angeles has announced that tickets are OFFICIALLY on sale!

Being a part of this show has come to mean a lot to me. Not only has it felt great connecting with other people that want to change the conversation around mental health through similar means, but more personally, I feel like this show is an opportunity for me to prove to myself that my own struggles do not define me, nor will they ever truly be able to weigh me down.

Sunday, September 25th is a date that I am very much looking forward to sharing with the audience at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, CA. Having the opportunity to open up about my struggles, in the hopes that my experience may help others conquer their battlefields. And to have an opportunity to share some music that has come to mean so much to me on a personal level, with the aid of my friends and bandmates in Angels on the Battlefield.

All profits from the show will be donated to a number of local Los Angeles mental health organizations to aid them in their missions to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

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