ANGELS ON THE BATTLEFIELD – New Beginnings | Live at Snaggletooth Studios

This song was originally written over a decade ago for my old band back on Long Island. It originally came about as an introduction to our album, and signified the beginning of a new chapter in all our lives.

Years later, its core representation still holds true for me as I begin yet another new chapter of this crazy thing called life. This past weekend “New Beginnings” was played live with a full band for the very first time. (Chris was at rehearsal, but had to leave a bit earlier than the rest of us, but some of his backing tracks are still there jamming as we ran through the tune in this clip!)

Working with Jason Klein, Chris Wirsig, and William Liermann in Angels on the Battlefield, three people that I hold the highest respect and admiration for, is not only fulfilling on a deeper and more personal level, but an honor.

Here’s to moving forward and conquering new battlefields!

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