This Is My Brave – The Show in Los Angeles 2022 | Full Show

“My name is JD McGibney, and I battle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.”

These were the very first words I said as I stepped out on stage for this years This Is My Brave – The Show in Los Angeles.

For lost of my life I’ve struggled without realizing I was struggling. I thought I was just weak, and unworthy of being a person.

Music helped me through a lot of the darkest times, but I still struggled until I was able to recognize what was going on.

I am grateful for the friends and family that have encouraged me to seek help, and I am grateful I found the courage to finally go into therapy.

We all struggle in our lives in some way, shape, or form, but we are never truly alone in those struggles. This Is My Brave is doing an amazing thing in encouraging people to open up and let the world know that it is ok to do so; we don’t need to be afraid of admiting we are in, or have been through dark times.

Thank you TIMB for allowing me to open up in public for the first time, and thanknyou for letting me be part of your family.

I will always remember that I have the strength to conquer any battlefield before me. #ConquerYourBattlefield

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