Jason Klein

Jason Klein was born and raised in Long Beach, California. From an early age, he fell in love with music when he saw Michael J. Fox pick up an ax to save the day in Back to the Future. He initially started his performance journey by following in his older brothers’ footsteps by picking up guitar and joining local bands during his teenage years.

As his intimacy with music grew, Jason eventually picked up the bass. He dove into the music of Rush, and came to look up to drummer Niel Peart for his candor and level headed nature. Jason came to appreciate the intricacies needed to create music and the sense of community it built, not only between band members, but between artists and their audiences. 

In Los Angeles, Jason was introduced to singer Carla Harvey through their then mutual friend Chris Warner at a show at the legendary House of Blues in Hollywood. He would go on to join Carla and become an integral member of the band Butcher Babies for a decade. He eventually left to focus on his family and raising his daughter.

After two years away from the music industry, Jason slowly found himself drifting back towards the magic. He started doing some recordings for friends and local bands in the Los Angeles area before joining heavy metal band Angels on the Battlefield. Having met guitaris JD McGibney while Butcher Babies was on tour with Nekrogoblikon, the tour developed a friendship that eventually led to them partnering.