Angels on the Battlefield

The Lore

An eternal back and forth rages inside all of us, between our light and our darkness. An ever lasting effort to find equilibrium, and inner peace. At times our fears and anxieties cast a powerful shadow over our perception, leaving us to feel as though our light shall be extinguished forever. Other times our light burns blindingly bright for so long in an attempt to hide the fact that our shadows even exist, it leaves us drained and our fire dwindled.

The reality is that one cannot exist without the other. It is with this understanding that the warrior monks known as Angels on the Battlefield allow their lights to burn, while acknowledging and embracing the shadows that exist in unison with the light of their flames. This knowledge of symbiotic existence is what creates their balance, and that balance is what fuels the limitless magic of their order.

Whether from the inner sanctum of their temple, or amongst eager audiences, Angels on the Battlefield cast their spells of empowerment to help guide listeners as they face their own fears, find courage within themselves, and build the strength to conquer their own battlefields. Through the power of song, Angeles on the Battlefield build a unified brotherhood to defeat the overwhelming darkness of the human heart and mind.

Band Bio

Angels on the Battlefield is an epic instrumental metal band that encourages self reflection with the intention of finding inner confidence in order to remind people that, no matter what, they have the ability to conquer their literal and metaphorical battlefields. Through the power of music and the community of live performance, Angels on the Battlefield encourages audiences to share their experiences and feelings without fear of being ostracized.

The band was formed by JamPlay instructor and ex-Voodoo Kungfu guitarist JD McGibney as an artistic outlet to battle his own anxiety. Ex-Butcher Babies bassist Jason Klein, former Voodoo Kungfu drummer William Lierman, and film/tv composer and no:carrier Keyboardist Chris Wirsig more recently joined the project. Having built friendships with each individual throughout his career in the music industry, JD invited these highly talented and equally compassionate individuals to join Angels on the Battlefield in an effort to actively give back to the world through a medium that has come to mean so much to all four musicians. 

Angels on the Battlefield is currently partnered with The You Rock Foundation to help the organization as they continue to pull those suffering out of the dark and show them the possibilities of moving forward with life. Angels on the Battlefield firmly believes that, no matter what, we all have the strength to conquer our battlefields. 

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