CalmiGo – Personal Therapeutic Device |Review

As many of you already know, I’m very outspoken and public about my struggles with anxiety. Along with seeing a licensed therapist and doing consistent and thorough research, I recently tried CalmiGo.

CalmiGo is a personal therapeutic device designed to help relieve and achieve calmness by guiding exhalation, and simultaneously stimulating the scenes of smell and touch.

I recently found myself caught in an anxiety loop of criticism and negative self talk while in a recording session. Normally I am able to work my way through and ride the wave back to a feeling of normality, but this time was significantly more intense than usual.

I reached for my CamliGo in order to test it out in real time, and found that within a few minutes of using the device that I started feeling more calm. I found that I was able to walk myself back to a point where I could recognize the difference between my anxiety, and facts and logic.

Here is an affiliate link if you’d like to try out CalmiGo for yourself. If you follow the link, or use the code “JDMCGIBNEY” you’ll be able to get $30 off. 

Remember, you ALWAYS have the strength to conquer your battlefield.

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