Conquer Your Battlefield Podcast – Interview with Karen Pickett LMFT | The Life of a Therapist

Welcome to the “Conquer Your Battlefield” podcast, where we come together to discuss some of the more significant struggles, and metaphorical battlefields, that we’ve faced along our journeys, and share some insight on how we’ve conquered them.

I’m JD McGibney, and today I’ll be chatting with a woman who’s cheerful demeanor radiates and influences anyone in her presence. She’s the cofounder of the Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors Resource Center, has been featured on the A&E TV show “Obsessed,” has been featured on numerous news outlets, is one of the producers behind This Is My Brave – The Show in Los Angeles, and is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California. Today I’ll be chatting with the amazing and humble Karen Pickett.

In this Episode we are going to be talking about the Life of a Therapist. For many, there is a preconceived (and often negative) idea of what a psychotherapist is, or does. This includes people thinking of therapists as being cold and almost “inhuman,” or feeling that therapists will just tell them what to do. Probably one of the most negative misconceptions is that seeking therapy is for “Crazy People.”

The truth of the matter is that therapists are human beings just like the rest of us, complete with emotions, feelings, empathy, and a desire to help those in need. First and foremost, a good therapist must be a good listener. On top of that, a good therapist must also be self aware enough to know their own feelings, motivations, and potential biases in order to help their patients.

According to Cross River Therapy, there are almost 200,000 therapists practicing in the United States, alone. All of which have expertise and experience in a multitude of mental illnesses and behaviors. Therapy is not a One-Size-fits-All, and there is someone out there that has some insight on something that you may be struggling with.

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